Near Hospital

The hospital Policlinico “Le Scotte” is located at the end of the avenue arms, a few hundred meters from the Siena railway station.

It is one of the centers of excellence of Tuscan health, a true jewelin the crown of Siena for the medical expertise, to the efficiency of departments and diagnostic instrumentation contained within it.

The B & B Iris boasts a convenient location close to the hospital Policlinico Le Scotte as with the urban bus number 10 you can get there in ten minutes. The bus connecting the urban hospital The Sheets is located just opposite the hotel (Viale C.B. Cavour 134).

Given the easy accessibility (with the presence of large parking lots) from our hotel you can reach the hospital “Le Scotte” by  car in less than five minutes.

Many customers of our B & B in Siena are people (or their families) who benefit of medical services and health care hospital Policlinico “Le Scotte”.