Near Antiporto di Camollia

The Antiporto Camollia Siena is an ancient fort built in 1270 in Via Vittorio Emanuele II. It is defined as the outer door of the city and was also elected by the people as “door” or “door painting”.

Inside visitors can, in fact, still see the traces of painted decoration that was created over the centuries. In 1699 the artist Giuseppe Nasini painted a magical forest where the branches of plants, weaving, formed circles in which were then represented the coats of arms of the 17 districts. The coats of arms have survived the bombing of 1944, then were canceled following a restoration a few years ago.

B & B Iris is an accommodation of Siena located a short walk from Antiporto of Camollia, along the ancient Via Francigena, in an area of the city of Siena easily accessible (outside the restricted traffic area) with ample opportunity free parking. In this area (without the worry of the frantic search for places to park) it creates the right balance between countryside and city, with a pleasant view of Antiporto of Camollia (that heralds the entrance to the ancient and medieval city walls of Siena) and at the same time with the possibility to drive (right away and already a few hundred meters) in the beautiful hills of the Chianti region.

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